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it happened two other times. and the city, back in 1936, that's how long it's been since it's been this hot. 107. it tied the record in the city that has been 75 years running. that's amazing. and it's possible, in between hours, it may have gone a little harder. we'll let you know shortly. tim is in the outback with a look at the warnings that are still in fake. -- effect. >> reporter: the warnings definitely are in effect through about 10:00. because of the five majors. corridor, from d.c. to boston. and up and down the 95 corridor, everyone is affected by these very hot temperatures. the excessive heat warning is in effect until 10:00 tonight. for that entire area. you see from down into the carolinas, all the way up past philly and into new york and beyond. we have the warnings in effect when the heat, the dew point, the temperatures and the wind, all combine for unhealthy conditions. there's also a code red air
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quality in effect. we'll start to lose the heat of the day around 8:30. that's around the time of sundown. we have seen severe storms roll through. where we've had at least some severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. they've all been lifted. widery scattered -- widely scattered showers. hagerstown is the only one now starting to dip below that 85 to 90-degree range. we will see the potential through the evening. but it is a good time to just remind you again to stay hydrated, stay in the shade. this is all going to be right on through tomorrow, before we start to lose some of these conditions. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up. our first warning weather coverage continues now with mike hellgren. he is live with more on how the weather is impacting the power grid. >> adam, there are really no major problems with power right now. and we're not expected to break a record. but big problems are on the track. we have reports of people stranded without air conditioning, on marc trains.
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there have been power problems. and they're single tracking between here and washington. also, there's an amtrak train that is stalled near new carrollton right now, with 400 people on board. thankfully, though, the air conditioning on that train is working. >> reporter: the sun beat down. baking maryland in record- breaking heat. >> a big, hot wet blanket. >> like i'm in a bowl of hot pea soup. >> feels closer to 114. >> bge, allowed wjz inside its electrical operations control room. the number in red is how many megawatts of power is being used. it's 5500 on a typical day. >> he's not seeing any significant problems. there's been some heat-related problems in what we do in advance of really hot weather. we'll put more resources in the field so they can more quickly respond to power outages. >> reporter: marc train
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operators are monitoring for problems, after dozens of people were stranded in an unair conditioned train last summer. state police are monitoring roads. and had keeping tabs on nursing homes after several had air conditioning problems last summer. >> more people die of heat- related illness in the u.s. per year, than all of the other environmental conditions combined. >> reporter: the warning are real. this roofer had to be checked out. he could barely become conscious and collapsed on the job. >> these guys are doing it. they're roofers. if it could happen to them, it could happen to you or the young lady up the street. you need to watch out for yourself. >> reporter: the most vulnerable are the very young and very old. and maryland has already seen more than half a dozen heat- related deathing this year. >> big trouble on the tracks. big delays on the mark strain and also an am-- mark marc train, also an amtrak train stalled. best thing is to stay home or
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come here to the pool. >> good advice there, mark. stay with wjz on air and online. you can check in at now to our other big story of the day, president obama comes to maryland to discuss the debt limit, face to face with voters. wjz has complete coverage of the visit. vic carter spent the day in college park. and jessica kartalija has reaction from an excited campus. let's go with more to that town hall meeting. >> before we get to the town hall meeting, we want go give -- to give you some breaking news we reported about a few moments ago. state house speaker boehner said he is done talking with the president. he is calling off all talks with the president. we'll continue to follow that for you as this afternoon and evening progresses. of course, the president comes here at a time when hehas so much on his plate. he's managing three wars and
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conflicts in iraq, afghanistan, and libbia. he, of course, has the debt ceiling on going on capitol hill, which apparently is not going on. and he comes here to the university of maryland to talk to college students and constituents. and as a result, he held a town hall meeting here to meet with his voters. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> reporter: mr. obama received a warm welcome and acknowledged that even the president is affected by the heat. >> i see some smart folks up there wore shorts. my team said i should not wear shorts. my legs are not good must enough to wear shorts. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but then as he talked about the looming financial crisis in the country. >> first thing i wake up thinking about in the morning and last thing i think about when i go to bed at night. and i won't be satisfied until every american who wants to find a job can find one and until workers are getting paychecks that are actually
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paying the bills. >> reporter: then came the question of jobs. strengthening neighborhoods to the behavior of politicians on capitol hill. some who refused to compromise. >> do we not use compromise anymore? and what should i teach my students about how our government works? if people are saying -- out loud we're not going to compromise with the other party. >> i think you should teach your students to compromise. because that's not just how government works, that's how life works. >> reporter: even members of maryland's congressional delegation agrees, that there is a need for civility and cooperation. >> it's not what republicans want. we need to see compromise for the best interest of our nation. and compromise is part of our political process. >> reporter: and of course senator cardin and others have said that they have no doubt that some type of an agreement would be reached. but right now, that's up in the air. based upon the breaking news we tonight told you about moments ago, that john boehner is
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calling off all talks with the president. however, the president's visit here today was one that drew a large crowd and one that drew a lot of reaction. my colleague, jessica kartalija is here now. and she is talking to a number of people who are excited to see the president. >> reporter: that's right. everyone was so excited to see the president in person, hear him speak, they said regardless of whether or not they agreed with his policies, they were so looking forward to hearing what he had to say. >> the line stretches outside the ritchie coliseum, as folks eagerly await the arrival of the president. >> it's special. you don't get to see the president of the united states every day. >> any time that you get a chance to see the first african american president, amazing thing. and i can't pass up taopportunity. >> reporter: the president arrives in college park at 11:00 this morning, to talk with an intimate group of 1,000. >> i like his plan of a debt ceiling. i think he's got a good strategy moving forward. and i hope it works. >> i thought it was very
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interesting viewpoint that he had to realize that things were already shut down so that things, the timing needs to be rebuilt. >> i haven't been the biggest supporter of obama. but everything he said made a lot of sense basically. >> i don't always agree with what obama tries to do. but i think he's a very smart man. and he's almost always on the right track, with these local issues, definitely. >> reporter: and of course, that was the presidential motorcade leaving. he spoke for about 75 minutes or so, fielding questions from the audience. afterward, we asked people what they thought about everything. they said they were very impressed by just how personal he was. and how much of an interest he took in local politics. >> okay. jessica, thank you very much. and of course, we'll continue to follow the situation in washington. as it plgs this -- progresses this evening. once again, the breaking news
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we were given moments ago. speaker of the house, john boehner has decided he's going to call off all talks with the president, over raising the debt ceiling. i'm vic carter, live, from college park. back to you. >> thank you. and wjz is monitoring developments from the white house, where president obama is now speaking to reporters about the dramatic developments. we will have much more at 6:30. back in maryland, governor martin o'malley takes the lead on a campaign to legalize same- sex marriage here in maryland. o'malley is making it an administrative priority and will sponsor the bill next year. >> reporter: governor o'malley throws the politics of his office behind maryland. >> i will sponsor legislation that protects religious freedom and protects marital equality rights equally under the law. [ applause ] >> reporter: the governor was asked about previous statements that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. >> my personal views? >> your personal views on the
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issue? >> i have always believed in the dignity of every individual. i believe in our own responsibility to advance the greater good. >> mayor rawlings-blake vanced her good. >> could do those things. you could protect religious freedoms and you could protect equal rights equally. and that's what we're going to do with this bill and the upcoming session. >> reporter: defenders plan to fight back. >> we don't want that. and it's not going to happen. >> reporter: if history does repeat itself, the battle will be fought here. governor o'malley acknowledges he has a lot of work to do. and opponents vowed that even if the law passes, they will make sure is it goes to referendum. although o'malley says that is not his focus. i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill.
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and a same-sex marriage bill did pass the senate last year, but it failed to get a vote in the house. a baltimore police officer, accused of being a key part of an international heroin ring will remain in federal custody. monique griego has more on what is next for daniel redd. federal authorities say baltimore police officer, daniel redd was a mastermind behind a major heroin ring that shipped drugs to the streets of baltimore. court documents obtained by wjz, show redd is accused of selling heroin while in uniform in the parking lot of the northwest police station while on duty. the fbi arrested him there on tuesday. the result of an fbi investigation prompted by the police. >> we can't give quarter to corruption. we can't and we won't. >> reporter: since then, red has been sitting in jail. and today, we learned that's where he'll stay. at a brief detention hearing, redd's d's -- redd's defense attorney decided not to fight
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having him released. prosecutors call redd dangerous. and a flight risk. >> reporter: we spoke with a woman who called herself redd's best friend. she wouldn't go on camera, but said she's keeping him in her prayers. >> reporter: prosecutors are speaking out on corrupt cops, saying no one is above the law. >> we hope it sends a powerful message that if you carry guns and deal drugs, when you're a street junky or police officer, you're going to face a lengthy federal term in prison. >> and redd can request another hearing any time, if he wishes to fight his detainment. a presidential historian, accused of swiping documents from a maryland historical society, could soon be facing more charges. kai is live in the newsroom with the latest on this developing case against author barry landau. >> investigators trying to determine whether the accused author stole a letter, written by george washington.
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lan -- landau visited the historic society dozens of times. officials from that area say they recently received information that landau may have received a stolen letter. landau arrested early this month in baltimore, after investigators found 50 historical documents hidden inside a locker. >> and both men remain behind bars tonight without bail. >> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. horror in norway. a terrorist attacks. the latest on the rising death toll. a man accused of shooting a baltimore police officer appears in court. i'm meghan mccorkell, with what he allegedly told a witness after the shooting. passing the ball. it's now up to nfl players to decide if and when that lockout will ever end. find out what they're still hung up on. and we are breaking records today. the breaking news coming up in the first warning weather
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forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're learning more about the man who confessed to shooting a police officer. meg han mccorkle has more on the man. >> reporter: prosecutors say shea jordan confessed to the shooting. wjz obtained charging documents that reveal a witness was in
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the car with jordan, when they drove by the officer on cooks lane. she went inside the back of the home, then heard gunshots. when she looked out the window, she said she saw jordan dismantling a rifle like this one. neighbors were terrified. >> because it was such a big gun, he could have wiped us all out. >> nobody should be shooting at a police officer. >> reporter: the witness said afterward, jordan said, it is bad i don't feel anything? jordan talked about wanting to shoot someone for months. >> it's a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured. >> reporter: 20, -- tonight, the 20-year-old faces first- degree attempted murder, first- degree assault, and second- degree assault. wjz looked into jordan's background and discovered he is experienced. he served at fort riley for two years before he was honorably discharged. >> most recently, he worked here at towson town center as a security guard for the past few
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month. >> reporter: jordan received some kind of psychological treatment this year, and has had three suicide attempts, including one this year. >> reporter: jordan has been placed on suicide watch. meghan mccorkell. >> as meghan told us, jordan faces first-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder and assault with a rifle. nfl owners did their part to handle the lockout yesterday and then they handed the key over to players. >> reporter: today brings pause to the process, adam, as the players say they will have no statement today on collective bargaining, as they and the league pay respect to myra kraft, the late wife of new england patriots owner, robert kraft. representatives from both sides attended the service. earlier today, general managers gathered. they went over the rules of how
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to proceed with free agent signings and general personnel moves, under the new collective bargaining agreement. but tractions are not allowed. until that agreement is ratified by the players. something could come ow over the weekend most -- come over the weekend, most likely on monday. the new deal is a 10-year contract. the players want to take their time to make sure the details are heard right. we'll hear from daunt-- dawn tay -- daunte donte stallworth. and ravens first presane game is scheduled to take place in just three weeks. there will soon be a new top cop in all of maryland. governor martin o'malley nownlszed marcus -- announced marcus brown. he's announcing he is retiring after many years on the job. he has 46 years working for the state police. and his decision to retire comes. there's marcus brown. he will take over. >> sheraton is such a great
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guy. i spoke to him a couple of days ago. ran into him at the gym. still works out all the time, likes his job. i know he'll miss it. >> exactly. now he gets to go and enjoy his life, right? >> and hopefully jump in the pool. >> we just went below 100 to 98. >> we don't miss that. bye. >> we hit an all-time record. i have breaking news to tell you when we come back. 98 now. dew point, 72. west/northwest winds at 9. and the barometer is rising. we'll come back and tell you about the records set today. you have moved through weather history right after this. ,,,,,,
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what a day in maryland. it goes down in the history books. >> it does. this is amazing weather history. >> it is ridiculous, adal. -- adam. absolutely insane. we set just a minute ago -- we set the all-time records here. all-time. never been this hot ever. the city got to 108 degrees. the airport, 106 this afternoon.
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the strongest records kept here. the airport records only go back to the 1950s, of course. but the city records go back to 1877. that's a long time. it has never been this hot in this area today. you've lived through weather history. hopefully you'll have to see this again for another 80 years. it will not be as hot this weekend. and it's already down below 100. look at that, adam. >> cool. >> a cool 98 -- 95, cumberland. 97, ocean city. whoa. 99, easton. 94 in washington. they had showers in that region. and that's another reason hagerstown is only 80. hence some thunderstorms. they had shower activity and clouds out there. and pretty good storms in southern york county, but they've all dissipated. dew point, 72. locally, 96, 93. 97. annapolis, rock hall, and kent island. even in the water, it was ridiculously humid and hot this afternoon. as i said, you probably won't see weather like this again for
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another 25, 35, maybe 50, 60, 70 years. yes, it will get above 100. but not this hot. there you see the winds. right now, a bit of a west wind. i think of also what we call compressional heating. winds come down the mountains. they tend to dry out a little bit. but they always tend to raise the temperature. just an insane air mass. now, there is a front to the northwest of us, causing showers and cooler temps to the northwest of us. this front will slowly approach the region by sunday night. ahead of it, of course, more warm, humid conditions. and maybe a scattered thundershower tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. and a better chance on sunday, as a front gets to our region, we have a chance of thunderstorms. it could be gusty with a lot of rain. and then it will start cooling down next week. south winds on the bay, around 5 knots. for today, i think we can take out the thunderstorm threat. that looks like it's completely overdone. 80 tonight. record tomorrow, 102.
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another triple-digit day. and a good chance, i think, late in the day, of a scattered thunderstorm. only in the mid90s on sunday. >> that's going to feel great. >> so the hottest ever. not just for today. but ever. >> ever, ever in baltimore. >> 75 year it's. >> and air conditioning all day. >> i was in the pool all day. >> and the day isn't over. we'll see. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. relentless and record-setting. we have been talking about it. how this heat wave is hitting people across the country. an explosion rocks the city. then sets off an aftershock of shootings. we'll have the latest of that devastating country tonight. and we are following breaking news in washington, d.c. john boehner calls out debt ceiling negotiations with president obama. he walks out of the talks. the president reacts to the surprising developments next. ,,
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it's now 6:29. 98 degrees, a record-setting day in central maryland. good evening, everyone. and thanks for staying on wjz. we are following breaking news at this hour, out of
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washington, where house speaker john boehner walks away from talks with the president. and just moments ago, president obama makes a rare rebuttal from the white house. the president spoke about the debt talks earlier today. vic has all of the latest breaking news for us. of course everyone today was staying that there will be some type of resolution before the august 2nd deadline. today, this shocking news that john boehner has decided he will walk away from the talks with the president, with no explanation that we know of at this very moment. just a few moments ago, the person who was the most shocked talked about it, and that would be president barack obama. he gave us reaction from the white house. >> in other words, this was arn extraordinarily fair deal. if it was unbalanced, unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. but in the interest of being
6:31 pm
serious about deficit reduction, i was willing to take a lot of heat from my party. and i spoke to democratic leaders yesterday. and although they didn't sign off on a plan they were willing to engage in serious negotiations, despite a lot of heat from a lot of interest groups around the country, in order to make sure we actually dealt with this problem. it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal. and frankly, if you look look at the commentary out there, there are a lot of proposals as to why it couldn't get done. >> reporter: and once again, here at the university of maryland, the president was very confident that there would be some type of agreement before the august 2nd deadline. this is shocking news, of course, to the state of maryland as well. we're one of those states that relies very heavily on the federal government. think about all of the military installations here.
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all driven by government dollars. and without the dollars, in the event that the government defaults on its loan, august 2nd, of course the state of maryland will be in quite a fix. of course, we'll continue to follow this story. we're live, at college park. back to you. >> very true, vic. and the clock is ticking. thanks a lot. >> wjz is going to follow this still-developing story. obviously a big issue here is taxes. we'll have the very latest on the talks coming up tonight on wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. scorching temperatures take over maryland. and when it comes to records today, broke them all. not many venturing out in this. who seemed to be taking it very slowly, as they are out trying to stay cool. and we are not alone here in maryland. much of the northeast is battling the heat wave, as carrie eterrer reports for wjz, it's stressing people pets and power supply. >> the oppressive heat has many doing whatever they can. >> it's very hot.
6:33 pm
>> new york city hit 100 degrees in the morning. >> you almost have to keep moving to get some kind of breeze so you don't just melt. >> i don't mind the heat. but this is a little too hot for me. >> reporter: and just imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat. >> just try to keep them hydrated. just as much as me. >> reporter: everyone is cranking up the air conditioning and that's taxing the power supply. there have been scattered brownouts in new york city. >> well, we've had blackouts here before. so we know what it's like. >> reporter: and a lot more people are visiting the emergency room. >> people at the extremes of age, the really young and really old, are most at risk. that's because they don't have the compensatory mechanisms that healthy middle-aged people have towards the heat. >> reporter: even here at coney island, people are struggling to keep their cool. >> it's already 100. i heard it on the radio. it's too much, too hot. >> reporter: splashing around in the ocean. a healthful treat. >> a nice, cold drink and a
6:34 pm
nice lemon ice. >> reporter: and this heat wave is going to stick around for the weekend. in coney island, new york, carrie eterrer, wjz eyewitness news. >> the first warning weather team is tracking these sizzling temperatures. could rain relief be on the way. meteorologist tim williams is in our outback. are you still out there, tim? >> i think so. not sure anymore. >> let's go to bob turk in the first warning weather center. >> these clouds will help. let's take a look at temps right now. we've dropped below 100 degrees. ocean city, 97. easton still at 99. oakland at 88. dew point, at 72 degrees. means it feelings like 107. that's a lot cooler than it was earlier. easton, down to 122. and elkton at 116, ocean city at 118. once gain, let's take a look at the records. the records were broken this afternoon. the airport went to 106. one minute before 4:00. for about a minute. that means the all-time record
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for bwi and the city for about a minute, went to 108. that is the all-time hottest it's ever been, as long as records have gone back in baltimore. way back to about 1877. believe it or not. tim has a look at keeping track of the warnings, and temperatures around the northeast. tim? >> well, by now, of course, you know what it's like. and you found your own way to cope. certainly staying hydrated is one of those ways. our job right now is to keep you abreast of how long you'll have to cope with these conditions. right now, what we're dealing with are excessive heat warnings in place for the entire area really. from the carolinas, up to boston. our entire purple-shaded area there is going to be under an excessive heat warning until about 10:00 tonight. code red air quality alert tonight. and today will be code orange tomorrow. a little improvement there. temperatures staying in the triple digits in the upper 90s. to much of the northeast. up toward bangor, maine. you're seeing 94.
6:36 pm
101 in boston. 101 in philadelphia. and the heat index tomorrow, as the heat pump continues is going to make it feel much like the low 100s again tomorrow. up and down the entire eastern seaboard. stay cool, everyone. stay hydrate the. keep your pets in if you can can keep them with cool water as well. we'll continue to have your first warning five-day forecast, and update these temperatures in a moment. back inside. a day terror in 94 way. a gunman opened fire at a youth camp outside of oslo, hours after a car bomb ripped apart government buildings in the capital. at least seven people are confirmed dead. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from new york. chaos in the streets of oslo, after a powerful explosion tore into government offices and surrounding buildings. flames poured out of buildings. shattered glass and twisted metal littered the square below. police expect the number of dead to rise, as they search the buildings for victims. >> reporter: the blast tore through the offices of the
6:37 pm
prime minister and his d ministration. but he wasn't there and was unharmed. >> reporter: as rescue crews responded to the devastation, another terror attack gripped the normally peaceful country. on an island outside of oslo, a man dressed as a police officer, opened fire at a labor party youth camp, where hundreds of teenagers had gathered. several people were wounded. >> and i saw a lot of people running and screaming. so i ran to the nearest building. >> reporter: police believe the two attacks are linked. at the white house, president obama offered u.s. support. >> it's a reminder that the entire national community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. >> reporter: the bombing is the nation's worst since world war ii. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. reports say a suspect in the camp shooting has been arrested -- arrested. a court drama involving a
6:38 pm
more maryland man has taken a turn for the worst. today, he made a desperate plea to the court in savannah to set him free. >> reporter: alan gross went from the comfortable life in maryland to a harsh well in a cuban prison. after an aide there accused him ever. being a spy. they accused gross of bringing satellite and computer equipment into the country illegally. cuban authorities believe he was working on behalf of the u.s. government to spread democracy. >> alan has done nothing wrong. and we need him home. >> reporter: officials are in havana now with alan gross. and they'll whey do old little hope that he will be released, they do hold hope on humanitarian grounds. >> his wife has been diagnosed with cancer and his elderly
6:39 pm
mother is dying. officials say that may be enough. >> call on the cuban officials to release him. >> we want him set free. >> reporter: they are pressuring the cuban government to release alarn gross. >> he seems to be in good spirits. he obviously professes his innocence as he did in the trial. >> reporter: porsche lives in cuba. she says alan gross is in not in a typical prison. >> he's getting special treatment. he noz in the been thrown into a regular cuban gel. he's being held at a special cell at a military hospital hire in havana. he's clearly being given bottled water. he's not being given the treatment of an ordinary cuban prisoner. >> reporter: it is not clear when they might issue a ruling following today's hearing. typically, it issues decisions within a couple of weeks. time now for a quick look at stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. reports from the dew tour, where ironically skateboarding
6:40 pm
is gains the law. catching up in china for the world championship this weekend. and tips for making your back- yard crab feast unforgettable. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. and still to come, john edwards ordered to pay up. find out why his presidential campaign committee has been ordered to fork over millions. a fiery tour bus crash. we'll tell you what led up to this deadly wreck in new york. bob turk in the first warning weather center. yes, it will cool down by early next week somewhat. i'll have the exclusive first warn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dozens of others injured after a truck crashed in new york. a tractor-trailer crashed into the canadian tour bus. the tour bus apparently had pulled over because of engine trouble. the driver of the truck was killed instantly. police are investigating. >> despite court orders, prison officials have continued to forcibly medicate two shooting suspects, jared loughner. mental health experts have determined that he needs medicine to make him psychologically fit to stand trial.
6:44 pm
loughner is a threat to himself. he's accused of killingixingix 16 people. and -- wounding congressman gabrielle giffords. wants the former senator to pay back millions in matching funds. attorneys are appealing the request. edwards is accused of accepting millions of dollars in illegal contributions. duchess kate is on display. well, sort of. you can now see kate middleton's wedding dress and accessories. visitors can see the tiara she borrowed from the queen and her shoes, her diamond earrings also worn on the big day. her vail there. and -- veil there. and to compliment the day-- complement, the wedding take. >> who wants a replica of the cake. i want the real deal. >> the lines will be long for
6:45 pm
sure. >> i'm sure. bob sheaf are will have a preview of what's coming up tonight on the evening news. every month, millions of americans depend on social security to support their families and make ends meet. but now, they may not make the next check. if the debt crisis ceiling ,,,,,
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a record-breaking day. meteorologist tim williams is here with a look at what is in store for the weekend. hopefully a little cooler, bob. >> a tad. >> take a look at temperatures now. we have dropped below 100. we're down donate. still 99 in easton, last report. the cool spot out to the west. we have thunderstorms. hagerstown, only 80 degrees. but we still have high dew points and a lot of moisture. still feels like 107 out there. 122 is the way it feels in easton. and 118 in ocean city. will it get any better tomorrow? tim has a look at this saturday forecast. tim? >> that ocean city forecast is a key one. we're told that the beach is just about sold out with the dew tour down there this weekend. so if you're watching us from ocean city, definitely take
6:49 pm
heed, it's going to be a hot one, down on the beach. but 92 degrees tomorrow. the actual high. the heat index, of course, is going to be near 100. 89 on sunday. both days with a lot of sun. water temperature, a nice, cool, refreshing 71 degrees. now, for the rest of us, tomorrow, we'll start off very close to about 80 degrees. we'll go to a daytime high through the 80 disption 90ss of just around 1 luns degrees. with a slight chance of an afternoon scattered shower through the afternoon. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> and the good news is, there there's a better chance of storms. and could be gusty storms on sunday, with the front coming through. 96, all the way down to 92. that's a big improvement from 106, don't you think. and could be a shower, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 91, 92 here on wednesday. so please take it easy again this weekend. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. sports is next. stay with us. we,,,,
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6:53 pm
sure it's right. they are not expected to vote on it until next week. commissioner roger goodell and the owners celebrated an approved deal yesterday. but the players accuse the owners of playing a public relations game with their press conference, putting pressure on the players to approve. the players say the owners approved deal has some elements to it that weren't bargained for. hence the players need to take their time with it. ravens player donte stallworth explains. >> i i'm looking forward to signing the deal if it's right for what we want. and we all want to start football on time. but we feel like we have been backed into a corner. and now, it's on the players. and now, all of the fans are mad because they want the players assigned deals. if it looks right, then we're all ready to play. we have been ready to play. >> while the owners said they would be opening the doors for the players at the team facility tomorrow, no one is expected to show up until the players vote to approve that
6:54 pm
deal. again, that could happen this weekend, most likely, though, on monday. to baseball now, the orioles have been withering in the heat. they take on the l.a. angels. birds do get some reinforcement. reliever kevin greg. and luke dhfhí c%iz?un÷tnfs in as the designated hitter. he had been on the disabled list with pain in his right shoulder. as poorly as the o's have played overall, one positive has been their defense. nick markakis continues to shine in right field. the o's have made just one error. two defensive highlights in the last game against boston. he made a diving catch on a call hit by jason varitek. >> a lot of guys in that situation, sometimes shy away from that ball. when you talk about nick as a baseball player, those type of conditions, he does something
6:55 pm
like that, it reminds you what kind of player he is in person. it's impressive. >> reporter: marmarkakis has had a resurgent season. had the two-run hit against boston monday. series opener against the angels. find some air conditioning or lemonade. i'll have highlights tonight. >> it's friday. a beer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
make sure to tune in to the primetime lineup at 10:00. blue bloods, followed by wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. and that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. thanks for watching. i'm adam may. >> i'm mary bubala. thanks for watching wjz's maryland news station. don't go aaway. including, it's one of the last places you'd expect to be rocked by an earthquake. norway. and breaking news as john boehner walks away from debt talks with the president. we'll take you to n >> schieffer: tonight, deadly terror attacks in an unlikely place.
6:59 pm
in coordinated attacks, a bomb turns norway's capital into a war zone. and a gunman opens fire on teenagers at a nearby summer camp. jeff glor reports from oslo. the speaker of the house says he's done negotiating with the president. so where does that leave the debt talks? michelle miller on who gets hurt if social security checks don't go out. >> basically, for me, it would be a total disaster. >> schieffer: it sounds like a broken record, and there were plenty of them. jim axelrod on another day of historic heat gripping half the country. and john blackstone on the search for life on mars. nasa's new robot may settle it once and for all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.

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